Porsche Driving Experience

Web design and booking experience

A website that shows the personality of both the brand and the customer.

Led the team to come up with design concept and elements for porschedriving.com. Came up with quick booking section with dynamic and personalized recommendations.

The Challenge
Porsche wanted to better reflect their branding and online experience. They also wanted to elevate the overall online experience by incorporating the character of the brand.

The Solution
In the redesign of the Porsche driving experience, our focus was on highlighting the essence of the "experience" itself, going beyond the performance and characteristics of the cars. To achieve this, we incorporated all the elements of the vehicle as our UI elements, immersing customers in the brand's identity. We leveraged the unique sounds and speed associated with Porsche to create a digital experience that allows customers to truly feel and connect with the brand. By emphasizing the experiential aspects, we aimed to deliver a captivating and memorable encounter for Porsche enthusiasts in the digital realm.

Driving Experience Booking

The dynamic recommendation of booking is based on user personalization to suggest what they may be looking for in the experience and to emphasize who they are.